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Who is Linnea

Through the Dark Night

I come from depression and anxiety, the common plagues of the 21st century. I didn't heal by saying positive affirmations and doing self care. I healed by going directly into the shadows and shining a light on my demons so I could face them head on; finding the traumas, memories and bad habits that affected my life the most, sitting with them and understanding them. As it turns out, demons just want to be seen too. Since being seen, they started to give back the power they once stole. Now I can see the light in any situation and truly enjoy life every day I wake up. 


Since making it through my Dark Night of the Soul, it has been my mission to help others get through their darkness to reach the Light. Life isn't meant for surviving, it's meant for thriving. RisingSol is designed to guide people into discovering their dark so they can start thriving as their highest self; not only in meditation but in everyday life. To step into your highest self, browse the site, learn about yourself, and shop tools that will help you on your journey.

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