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Energy Reading: Spring Equinox Update

The end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 were exhausting, but the energy has shifted since then. Around 2/22, the heaviness lifted and the constant fatigue and exhaustion wore off. That doesn’t mean the energy has gotten easier to deal with though. In fact, you may have noticed a lot of people still feeling exhausted, anxious and even getting sick. These symptoms come from the energy feeling inconsistent. Some days feel easy and calm and other days feel like anxiety is taking over and all you can do is lay in bed. Our energy doesn’t feel consistent, especially if we ourselves aren’t being fully consistent.

Being consistent can be hard when the energy from day to day seems to fluctuate and often leaves you feeling exhausted. But the harsh truth is that those feelings of inconsistency come from our own lack of alignment.

I’ve noted before that 2022 is all about alignment. It is the time to go after what you want and release anything that no longer serves your greatest and highest good. It is about living within your truth. And when we don’t, the collective energy is going to push us back into alignment. So its not that the collective energy hasn’t been consistent, its that its actually consistently holding to its promise of aligning us with our purpose. Its asking us to listen to our intuition and trust those gut feelings more consistently, not just sparingly. So much of what is going on is below the surface, within our subconscious and our energy fields and that is what we need to start listening to. That anxiety isn’t just anxiety; its our souls way of telling us that we are out of alignment.

We are connected to the collective energy more than ever, so the smallest misalignment can induce significant anxiety or depression. If you aren’t taking the steps to heal, to shift into your purpose, to grow; then you can expect to feel it. If you’re still working that job you hate and not at least taking steps and making plans to shift out of that job, you’re going to feel it. If you’re living in a city that doesn’t suite your personality and desires, you’re going to feel it. If you’re forcing relationships with partners, friends or family that only hurt you, you’re going to feel it.

The current energy can feel strange because the consistency we’re being asked for is not of the external; it’s not of our daily routines and practices. We’re being asked to remain consistent in our connection and trust of ourselves, which can sometimes take us out of the consistency of our normal routines. There may be a reason that workout feels harder than usual or that meditation feels a bit off. If you step back you may realize that you had an urge not to do those things before you even started. Trusting those feelings is what we are being asked for currently. Because those feelings are our intuition or the universe trying to guide us towards what is best for our soul.

This is the year of believing in yourself. If you do, you have the support of the universe behind you. And if you don’t, well the universe is going to let you know that something is off. And with that, let’s focus on building a connection to ourselves and an intuition practice to help us lean into the energy.

Intuition isn’t about some perceived psychic ability, its about decisions and trusting yourself. So building a practice is going to be about becoming more mindful about our decision making process. Whenever you make a decision, ask if the choice is of your best and highest good. You may get a feeling of resonance if it is in alignment or a feeling of angst or fear if it is not. This process may take time to build and you may not get a clear definitive feeling in the beginning. This is because we tend to go against our intuition quite often and so it shuts down or we don’t have a clear read on it. This will change as you practice more. You can also use the method of asking a pendulum or feeling your body move forward in agreement or backward in opposition to a choice. Start with small decisions like the food you eat or what beauty products you use on your skin. From there you can move towards bigger decisions like relationships and career.

And remember, the universe is working for your highest and greatest good. If it feels like a fight, it may be a sign that your decisions are actually working against you.

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