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Energy Work vs. Law of Attraction: The Best Way to Manifest

Did the law of attraction trick you into becoming obsessed with love and money? Do you repeat affirmation like “I am love” and “I am abundance,” in hopes of attracting your soul mate or landing that dream job and financial freedom? Yeah, I used to focus on this stuff too. But do you know what the problem with that is? All of that, is outside of you. It’s all external from your being, your soul. And the truth is that abundance lies within you and needs to grow from within you. Not be attracted from the external. As within, so without. Start within, and it'll manifest without.

There’s nothing wrong with the law of attraction but people have a tendency of explaining it wrong and focusing on giving attention to a goal, which is external. But abundance of any kind, actually comes solely from within your own being. So all you really need to do, regardless of what you want to manifest, is to find internal peace.

The times I’ve manifested the most in my own life were not when I focused on manifesting, but when I focused on my own energy and inner peace; when I focused on raising my vibration and aligning with my highest frequency. The manifestations just came because I was in alignment with the things that best served me, whatever that may have been. A new job, a new relationship, a connection to source, owning a house.. the list goes on. I didn’t actively manifest any of those things. I worked on my energy. It helped that I had an idea of what I wanted, but I had no attachments to creating those things.

Part of why this works is because you are releasing your attachment to, and the importance of, the manifestation. You may have heard of the concept that, the more you want something, the more you affirm that you DON’T have it; because if you had it, you wouldn’t want it. To add to this, when we focus on a manifestation, we increase its importance to us, essentially putting it on a pedestal. If something is on a pedestal, its not within our reach, or within our energy field or frequency. If its not within our energy field, its not within our power of influence. A way around this is to ask yourself whats the worst that would happen if you didn’t get what you wanted? Chances are, nothing that bad. Knowing this allows us to release some of that importance.

Even still, we really want to bring the attention away from these external desires that leave us in a state of begging and feeling unfulfilled. Instead we want to turn within and start bringing fulfillment to ourselves, regardless of our external circumstances. And we can do this through energy work. This works because it aligns us with the state of mind of already having everything we want. If we have everything we want, we don't want anything and feel fulfilled (theoretically, of course).

Scientifically speaking, everything is made up of energy. When you break anything down, its all made up of energy. Even the energy displayed in sound is measurable. Its been shown that everything has an energetic field around it, including humans. And actually our hearts produce the largest energetic field of any other body part we have. These fields have been measured at reaching up to 8 feet beyond a person’s physical body. For more of the science behind this, I highly recommend Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural, where he explains the many studies he has conducted on this topic.

But the reality is, we’re only now just re-discovering this energy that humans hold. I’m sure you’ve heard of chakras, which are the body’s energy centers. This concept is ancient and dates back long before any of this was measurable by some scientists in a lab. It was accepted as truth and is now being proven.

A concept that fewer have heard of, is the fact that we as individuals have control of our own energy fields. The more we begin to acknowledge them, the more that they grow. Its important to start working with your own energy because it can often be drained or attack by external sources. And the more we focus on the external, the less we notice our energy being sucked from us. But the more we focus on our own energy and raising our vibration, the more we naturally move into alignment, and therefore attract things that serve our greatest and highest good.

So how do we get started doing energy work? Well you can practice a direct approach with things like Reiki, you can use physical movement with things like martial arts or you can utilize energy based meditations.

Direct: Practices such as Reiki work directly with energy. It tends to combine a meditative state with physical movement to actively and intentionally move energy. A good practice to start with is raising your hands above your head, and slowly bringing them down with the intention of dragging out any negative energy attached to you. Slowly drag your hands down over your entire body (without touching your physical body. You are interacting with the energy field around you). Follow your intuition with this, you may find that you’re inclined to comb over an area more than once, and that is likely because there is some energy stuck in that area. Once you feel finished clearing the energy, its always good to dip your fingers in water or run your hands under water to release the energy.

Physical: Things like martial arts, qi gong and yoga are prime examples of moving energy through physical movement. The movements are actually designed to allow for energy to flow through your body and move any energy that may be stuck. The energy based aspect of these movements is also why they emphasize breathing with the movement. Timing your breath correctly allows it to assist in moving the energy, rather than getting the energy stuck. A quick and easy way to practice this is to literally shake off negative energy. You’ll see animals do this all the time in nature and can often be the cause of nervous twitches seen in humans. Literally just shake your body and your hands and allow the negative energy to fall away.

Meditation: I personally think energy meditations are the easiest forms of meditation as it provides a dynamic focus rather than forcing your mind into stillness. These meditations typically utilize visualization and intentional breathing to build and move energy within the body and energy field. Close your eyes, and breathe into your chest (heart chakra). As you inhale, visualize or sense a white ball of light building in the center of your chest. As you exhale, blow out any negative or dark energy. Visualize this exhale as blowing out a black smog. With every breath in, feel that white ball of light growing and expanding through more and more of your body. And as it expands, it pushes more and more negative energy out. Doing this repeatedly allows you to cleanse your energy field. Once completed, visualize the energy leaving the bottoms of your feet and entering the Earth. Without grounding out the energy, you can develop over activity or even energy headaches.

Bonus: As you build the energy through your breath, you can begin creating a larger ball of energy around your entire body. Or you can move the energy field out in front of you, and fill it with blessings, such as gratitude, abundance, trust, etc. After creating this blessing ball of light, send it out to cover the Earth.

As we build our energy and cleanse out any negative energy, we begin to cut any attachment to those old negative energies. We begin to raise our own vibration which allows us to more easily align with things that best serve us. With this clarity, we may find that things we wanted to manifest, no longer sound appealing and things we never thought of before resonate and bring us joy. It also allows us to find joy and peace within ourselves rather than needing anything outside of ourselves to make us feel whole. Fill yourself with that energy, and you stop being influenced by any external desires.

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