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June Energy Update (Summer Solstice)

This energy reading is coming a little early this time (summer solstice isn’t until June 21) but with the current energies shifting so rapidly, I thought we could all use some clarity and guidance.

  1. Mercury retrograde has ended! Time to take a breath and relax from all the emotional turmoil. Empaths will really feel this one. Emotions should feel more stable and straightforward until the next retrograde in September.

  2. Saturn Retrograde has begun. While other retrogrades are usually about reflection, Saturn tends to have different plans. It’s all about structure, routine, business and overall masculine energy. At most, during this time we want to re-evaluate our structure and routine to make sure our goals align, however, this retrograde is about establishing our foundation. It’s time to start grinding and working towards whatever it is we want out of life because if we do during this period, Saturn will reward us once the retrograde ends. Essentially, we are sowing the seeds now so we can have a bountiful harvest come October. Again, routine and structure are the best focus for the next few months. You may have noticed in the past week or so, your feminine energy assisting in the start of this process by pushing towards a little spring cleaning and organizing.

  3. As touched on previously, Saturn is a strong masculine energy, which allows us to live comfortably within structure. But this also gives us the opportunity to begin healing any masculine or father wounds we may still be holding within us. As a society we deeply struggle with accepting and caring for the masculine because it’s always labeled as toxic. But the divine masculine provides for us, protects us, and brings us security and safety. Right now we can all begin healing by simply allowing ourselves to receive what the universe lovingly provides and accepting that masculine energy. Establishing structure, routine and working hard will also empower that inner divine masculine. If you want to dive deeper, you can evaluate the relationships you have with masculine energies in your life and how your masculine energy shows up in the world, if at all.

  4. Heart Chakra take over. This is probably the most important energy shift happening at the moment and should maybe be number 1, but here we are, you read the rest of the blog. The collective energy is shifting rapidly and right now the energy of the heart chakra is moving down into the lower chakras to engulf them in love. Theoretically that sounds great, but to those that have been fighting against their own healing or not leading with love, this may be an unpleasant experience. If you haven’t actively been seeking your blocks and traumas, you will soon be forced to face them. The higher frequencies of the heart chakra will force these blocks to the surface. Again, while this might sound fine and dandy, these sort of blocks often come in the form of mirrored events. Meaning, events that trigger the trauma you’ve been ignoring. Examples are relationships ending, blow up fights, being fired, health crisis and other tragic or difficult events. It’s rarely ever, “you know what, I’ll call my mom to see if we can work things out.” At least, not unless you actively take that approach and seek that healing. Start leading with your heart and coming from a place of love or you may be in for a rude awakening in the coming months.

Remember that the collective energy and the planetary energies don’t dictate your life. They merely give you the opportunity and assistance to work in certain areas. You can always choose to ignore the energy if you want. Or you can choose to take advantage of it to help make your life and your healing journey a bit easier. The chose is always yours.

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