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Reversed Chakras Manifesting

Let’s exam the chakras for a second. Your root, survival & basic instincts. Your sacral, creation and intimacy. Solar Plexus, your identity and power. Heart, feeling and love. Throat, expression. Third eye, your vision. And the Crown, your connection to self, source, God, the Earth, other souls. They all play a huge role in how we exist in the world. And they can play a huge role in how we manifest or take action on our goals. But in order to do that, we need to reverse how we perceive the order of the chakras. When doing energy work, we want to pull the energy up from our root, through our chakras and out of the crown chakra. When grounding, we want to emphasize the lower three chakras, but the energy is still flowing up. That’s because living too much in your lower chakras will make you feel heavy and like you’re surviving rather than thriving. Working with your higher chakras will also naturally start cleansing your lower chakras or at least make you aware when they need cleansing.

So what about manifesting? This is where we can switch things up and use our chakras to help. When you decide on a goal to work towards, do you first take physical action, or do you plan things out and envision the result first? Exactly, this is what we want to do with the chakras in reverse, but with a little more detail. The best way to explain this is simply to dive into it. So let’s get to manifesting with our chakras.

Crown: Before we have an idea of our goals, we need to really understand what we want in life. This is the part that most people skip in their goal setting journeys. What do you really feel called to do or experience? This might not be the most obvious thing in your life. These feelings and knowings of what we’re meant to do in life often get buried under life’s expectations and obligations. And what we’re meant to do in life can even change throughout our lives. So we really need to sit down with ourselves and ask what we are most called towards. It doesn’t need to be an obvious job field or hobby or adventure. It just needs to start with what you feel most drawn to or interested in. For me, music has always been huge in my life. I’m always fascinated by frequency, the power of sound, and singing bowls. What that means, I might not exactly know yet, but it is one of the things that I am most drawn to. Find that thing, or a couple of things, that you’re most drawn to and that brings you the most excitement thinking about. This is the power of your crown chakra. Connect to what your soul is guiding you towards.

Third Eye: The vision. This one is a little more obvious and usually what people skip to; thinking about and picturing what their future looks like. What do these goals look like for your future? What do you look like achieving or experiencing what you set out towards? Who and what exist in your life now? What does your morning routine look like? How do you spend your days? Begin to see mental images of what it is you desire. SEE what you’re drawn to and picture what that looks like for you. You can do this through visualization meditations or scripting out a day in your new life (this can also be part of the next step).

Throat: Speak it into Existence. This is where we want to write down and speak our goals. Physically writing things out plays a huge role in releasing, which is ultimately what we want to do; release it to the universe. A powerful practice for this process is writing it on paper with a pencil, yes a pencil and not a pen (earth), saying it back to yourself out loud (air), burning it, I like to do this in a metal singing bowl (fire), and releasing the ashes into natural water (water). You can also pour natural water or moon water on the ashes and release it into nature if you’re not near any natural water streams. The process of releasing it is essentially giving it to the universe to assist in bringing it into your life.

Heart: Feel it. This is arguably the most important part of manifesting. Feel the gratitude you would feel once you receive or achieve your goal. Remove the goals or future lifestyle from the pedestal you likely have it on and neutralize the emotions with simple gratitude. Someone that is living their purpose doesn’t feel eager or anxious about achieving that lifestyle; they feel grateful and at peace with it. Imagine already living that life and feel in the current moment what it feels like to be living that goal.

Solar Plexus: Another part that people tend to skip; believing in yourself and examining the truths (or lack of truth) behind why you deserve or don’t deserve to reach that goal or receive that manifestation. Anything that tells you that you aren’t worthy is a limiting belief that we’ll need to understand in order to start telling ourselves that it isn’t true. A main part of this is telling yourself that you are capable of achieving or receiving whatever it is you desire and also finding out whatever it is that makes you feel otherwise. Affirmations and journaling are great practices to work on these belief systems.

Sacral: This is where we can start to make more concrete plans. Your throat chakra is to give an overview, the result, the ultimate goal. The sacral is to figure out an action plan. People tend to get overwhelmed by the big goals and big steps. So here we want to break those goals down into smaller goals and action items. What steps do you need to take to get closer to that goal. Here we are in the process of creation.

Root: Time to take action. It’s as simple as that. Start taking the steps that you outlined and actually work towards them in the physical world. We’ve gone from taking a feeling and vision, bringing it down through our chakras, into the physical world. And that is what manifesting is after all. Taking that energy of thought and purpose and transforming it into a physical thing in the 3 dimensional world. Take the small steps and work on them one by one. Before you know it you’ll have achieved what you set out to do.

It can be extremely difficult even knowing what you want out of life in today’s money obsessed world, so this process of using the chakras can not only help you manifest but give you a clear vision of what you actually want to put your time ands energy into. So often we simply strive after a goal because it’s what we’re “supposed” to be working towards. But what about what we actually want? What about our natural gifts that we are meant to share with the world? Remember the world needs YOU, not anyone’s idea of you. We all have gifts that we can better the world with. And if you don’t feel the truth of that statement for yourself, it’s the perfect place to start your journey. Find your gift and figure out how to share it.

Happy Manifesting Loves!

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