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3 Reasons the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you

People have been talking about the Law of Attraction for years now, often selling courses or books about it. People will tell you they know the secrets to how to attract abundance, and you can too if you just pay $99.99.

The Law of Attraction does work, I’ve experienced it for myself, but unfortunately people have used it to simply cash in rather than actually helping or guiding anyone to unlocking their own ability. That’s where this article is going to be different. It's obviously free, and I’m going to let you in on the true secrets of what is holding you back from manifesting. Here are the 3 main blocks that people usually don’t recognize on their journey to abundance:

  1. Limiting Beliefs - You can believe something, meditate on something or write about something all day long, for weeks but that won’t do you any good if you have subconscious limiting beliefs that override your new conscious beliefs. Here’s an example; You are manifesting financial abundance, you focus on feeling wealthy, receiving etc etc. But, if since you were a kid you always believed that rich people were jerks, or they were only rich because of their parents, or they must have hurt people along the way to get money, well then, you’re not going to manifest abundance. Why? Because you most likely don’t see yourself as a jerk, your parents don’t have money, and you aren’t willing to hurt people along the way. See, the two beliefs, you being financially abundant and rich people being jerks, can’t exist at the same time. And the subconscious belief is always going to win out until you start breaking down those beliefs. So even before you start to try manifesting, spend some time reflecting to truly understand what your limiting beliefs are so you can clear those.

  2. Unfocused Intentions - Often times people will have a general idea of what they want to manifest, but they aren’t sure about the details. While details about how or when you manifest aren’t important to focus on, details about what you’re actually manifesting are crucial. If you want to manifest love into your life, well that’s easy, start a tinder account. Oh, you want a long-term relationship with a partner that is supportive, enjoys similar music and has a laid back attitude, well why didn’t you say so! You need to tell the universe exactly what you want or you’re going to get things that you only think you want. You want to manifest more money, financial freedom, a better job? Well what are the details. Do you want a promotion, or to move to a completely different career field. Know exactly what you want. These details will also help in visualizing during meditation and truly feeling the emotions that come with your new manifested future. Which brings us to point number 3.

  3. Lack of Genuine Emotion- This is probably the most important step when manifesting that most people miss or don’t understand because it has multiple layers to it. The first layer, you might have heard about, is feeling the emotions that you are trying to create in your newly manifested future. In other words, feeling in the present moment, what you expect to feel once you receive your manifestation (ie feel confidence and strength if you want to manifest a healthy body). The confusion here comes from mistaking a feeling of desperately wanting that future with feeling the actual emotions of that future as if it already exists. If you have love and abundance, you don’t want love and abundance, you simply feel it. The mistake is that people often have the feeling of desire for love, rather than of love itself. The easiest way to start moving into truly feeling those future emotions is to feel grateful because when you receive anything, the response is gratitude. Gratitude will also have a powerful effect as it can link your present moment to your future. When you are already grateful for what you have in the current moment and grateful for what you have in your future moment, you are creating alignment in a consistent state of being. The other layer to emotions is feeling and understanding your current emotions and situations so that you can clear and appreciate everything that exists in your present. Again there is confusion with this as people often times try to suppress their current emotions in favor of their future emotions. You may truly start feeling your future emotions, but if you haven’t accepted where you currently are, it will act as a block (similar to having limiting beliefs).

Bottom line here is that even before you begin your journey into the Law of Attraction and manifesting, you need to do some self reflection and ask yourself why you even want to manifest to begin with. If there are aspects of your life that you aren’t happy with, ask yourself why, how you ended up where you are, how your current situation has benefited you or taught you something. And get clear on what you truly want to receive. When you know where you are coming from, the journey will get more clear, and the intention will become that much more powerful.

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